What Will It Take To Protect Our Planet

We are all in this together and we owe it to the planet to help protect it. There are so many simple ways to conserve energy and reduce wastage, this will in turn help to increase the lifespan of our planet. We live in a highly advanced age technologically and we have access to all the numbers we need to justify this drive for protection.

There is so much research that boldly illuminates the fact that the earth is dying at a faster rate than it should be and that is due to all of our actions. Big businesses and governments show little regard for the environment and despite empty promises about reducing carbon footprints, the buzzword “profit” always reigns supreme.

This article will highlight what it takes to protect our environment and what we can all do as a world to increase the lifespan of it.


Government Intervention

I believe that there needs to be worldwide government intervention if any serious changes are going to be made to the way we conduct ourselves environmentally.

It is all good and well local councils bringing in new bins and encouraging energy consumption reduction but to many it goes in one ear and out the other. As much as people don’t like to admit it, if the government says something, we listen.

If a nationwide drive to reduce our carbon footprint was legitimately introduced and education was provided then I genuinely believe a change can be made but in the current economic climate I believe it is at the bottom of the list for many countries.

People just cannot quantify their actions and they really struggle to think hundreds of years into the future and rightly so.

I think it should be approached from a different angle, people are always looking at ways to save money, especially nowadays. If energy saving is taken in its most prudent form and the benefits in the short term are focused on then I think the chance of getting more people on board is much better.

Change of Mindset

There has to be a fundamental change in mindset, people just don’t care about the environment and think that because this generation won’t be affected it doesn’t matter. To me this is just wrong and completely selfish, our actions now are limiting what future generations are going to be able to achieve and that is not only sad but frightening.

People really have no interest in protecting the earth and most are just plain lazy, a change in mindset is needed before anything else can be achieved.


We need to look to invest in renewable energy. There are many different forms and different companies who utilize it in different ways. Vector Foiltec for ETFE is just one example of a company who has introduced a revolutionary renewable energy method.

I believe big businesses hold the key to spreading the world, it is these companies with their large factories that are causing the damage and if change is to be made they need to drive it.

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Andrew is an author with over 10 years industry experience, he writes about a variety of topics that include sport, the environment and cricket. He graduated from Manchester university with a degree in business.


About ecodistribution

Eco Distribution, Inc. is a California based Distributor and Representative Firm dealing in environmentally friendly and Green solutions. We have leveraged 30 years experience in responsible construction management to provide solutions for some of the most impactful challenges facing our air, water, and land. Our flagship product is a paint that has been proven to actually clean the NOx pollution from the air. The next product we were blessed with is an oil/hydrocarbon remediation system that is effective on everything from simple oil stains on a driveway, to complex oil disasters in the ocean. We are a supplier of BioClean Technologies products which are 100% eco-friendly cleaners, disinfectants, and degreasers with perfect ratings of zero for the MSDS Hazard Rating categories of Health, Fire, Reactivity, and Special. We continue to be diligent in our search for other bell cow products and services which are compatible with our mission statement, and have several on the horizon that we feel will be of significant impact to our environment, and our bottom line. We have a business infrastructure in place which we feel to be both effective and scalable, and are eager to grow the business into a legacy we can leave for our children, and theirs. For more information please visit http://ecodistributioninc.com/
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