When we look at planting trees, we need to take a serious look and look for better ways to reduce pollution!



Estimates for the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from “anthropocentric sources” (sources due to man’s activities) – this is mainly from fossil fuel burning – are around 22 bill120 tons of carbon per hectare corresponds to 440 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per hectare of mature forest trees.

Carbon – atomic mass = 12
Carbon dioxide – CO2 – molecular mass – 12 + 16 + 16 = 44

So a mature forest can soak up the equivalent of 440 tons of atmospheric carbon dioxide per hectare in the 50-100 years it takes to reach maturity – that’s a one-off total – not per year and may take several decades to get there.

In order to deal with currently generated carbon dioxide, an area of forest equivalent to:

22 billion tons divided by 440 tons per hectare – is needed

= 50 Million hectares per annum or 500 000 square kilometers per annum

…to be planted with forest and held in perpetuity (not cut down or allowed to revert back to atmospheric carbon dioxide).

This is approximately equivalent to the entire land area of Spain, twice as big as the United Kingdom and bigger than any US state other than Texas (696,621 sq km.) or Alaska (1,717,854 sq. km.) To be forested anew each year and held as such forever.

Therefore planting trees alone other than on a colossal scale  is not going to even allow us to stand still – let alone start to reverse the effects of global warming.  full article

A better idea: Paint buildings with air cleaning paint

  • The Washington Monument at its base is 55’ x 55’ which equates to 278 Square Meters
  • If we were to figure we need approximately 30-50 square meters of land to plant a tree, we would only be able to plant 6-7 trees on the land taken up by the Washington Monument!
  • The height of the monument however and the fact that it has four sides “paints” a much different picture.
  • The height of the monument is 555 Ft and so on all four sides, it equates to roughly 122,100 Square feet or 11,343 square meters.
  • KNOxOUT air cleaning  paint is the equivalent of one “tree” per square meter of panted area.
  • Since by covering any horizontal area with KNOxOUT paint is like planting one mature tree, doesn’t it make sense to have 11,343 trees rather than 6 or 7…?????


About ecodistribution

Eco Distribution, Inc. is a California based Distributor and Representative Firm dealing in environmentally friendly and Green solutions. We have leveraged 30 years experience in responsible construction management to provide solutions for some of the most impactful challenges facing our air, water, and land. Our flagship product is a paint that has been proven to actually clean the NOx pollution from the air. The next product we were blessed with is an oil/hydrocarbon remediation system that is effective on everything from simple oil stains on a driveway, to complex oil disasters in the ocean. We are a supplier of BioClean Technologies products which are 100% eco-friendly cleaners, disinfectants, and degreasers with perfect ratings of zero for the MSDS Hazard Rating categories of Health, Fire, Reactivity, and Special. We continue to be diligent in our search for other bell cow products and services which are compatible with our mission statement, and have several on the horizon that we feel will be of significant impact to our environment, and our bottom line. We have a business infrastructure in place which we feel to be both effective and scalable, and are eager to grow the business into a legacy we can leave for our children, and theirs. For more information please visit http://ecodistributioninc.com/
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