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Oil Solutions –

“Oil Solutions” is an oil spill remediation suite of products that can handle large scale situations on land or water, and encapsulate the hydrocarbon completely.  It can be collected and disposed of ecologically (meets EPA guidelines for landfill disposal) or left in-situ with no further impact to the environment.  It is harmless to the environment, animals, Fish, plant life or us and will not harm any surfaces.

It is completely scalable:  available in anything from two pound kits for the back of a tow-truck, to box cars or tank trucks.  This makes it the perfect solution for roadside first responders, oil filling stations, auto repair shops and eventually retail sales.   The other side of the coin is that we are currently negotiation with providers of major catastrophic spill remediation.  The combination of present spill technology (similar to that which was so ineffective in the BP gulf spill) with our environmentally inert solution makes Oil Solutions a natural for ocean born disasters.  It is also a perfect solution for the types of “spontaneous” spills like those that are springing up in Alberta Canada due to their “in-situ” steam injection to process “oil sands.”

As our appetite for oil grows, and the supply narrows, the methods of extraction are getting more creative, bold, and difficult.  With more environmental monitoring and regulation, the need for a suitable clean-up solution will skyrocket.

Boysen KNOxOUT Paint – 

KNOxOUT Paint is the only paint in the world that actually cleans the air.
Through the proprietary application of a special formulation of TiO2 (a common pigment used in most paint) a chemical reaction is set up in KNOxOUT Paint that removes pollutants including NOx from the air.  The great news is that KNOxOUT paint is able to do this by creating free radicals from energy supplied by the sun, and atoms in the air. It does not create any volatile by-products, and it does not break down the paint.

Green Deck Supplies  –

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